Kathryn M

Kathryn found me on Facebook and was seeking a replacement for her beloved Serotta Ti custom road bike with Campagnolo Record components.

Most of my clients are very experienced cyclists and have long lists of things they like and things they don’t. My job is to ask questions, pay attention to what their bike/s tell me and then design as well as build their ultimate bike. No compromises.

The is the story of the creation of a special bike for a remarkable individual.


An avid cyclist, I’ve had a few 6,000 mile years in the last 10 atop a custom built Serotta: Legend Ti. My Serotta is a fabulous bike, but I have wanted a carbon fiber frame almost since the day I picked up my Ti bike. I met Mark Stemmy on Facebook and commissioned him to design and build a custom carbon fiber frame/bike for me.
The first time I met Mark my impression of him as a perfectionist was validated. He took pictures of my Serotta and entered it into a computer program. He took measurements of my body and then spent hours explaining frame options. He really got to know me as a cyclist and observed how I interacted with each tube option. It was really important to him that the frame I chose met my needs and reflected my personal style and his as a bike builder.
Once my frame was ordered, Mark frequently informed me of the development progress. I requested a special paint job and when the frame was painted and we weren’t completely satisfied, he had the frame repainted to be what I envisioned.
After the frame arrived at Mark’s studio, he posted pictures with updates on Facebook so I could experience the build and development as if I were there in person, he made it fun! He provided advice on finishing parts in an objective manner ensuring that the machine was a perfect balance of performance and aesthetics. At the last minute when I changed my mind to upgrade components and finishing parts, he graciously removed those installed and ordered and placed the upgrades.
Once finished, my bike was shown at the North American handmade bicycle show. I wasn’t able to attend however Mark helped me feel like I was there by sharing pictures and comments the public made about my bike.
Excited to pick up my new machine, I met Mark at his studio and was greeted with coffee just the way I like it; he attends to even the smallest of details! He led me into the room where my bike was waiting for me and stood back as I approached and got to view ‘her’ for the first time in person. I was overcome with emotion, Mark was right; the bike has a unique aura! Like me, a little different from the norm, strong and beautiful in her own way. The bike truly is a reflection of me and my style.
Magnificent, my bike was shiny from meticulous waxing and cables were perfectly and strategically situated. Every decal perfectly positioned over beautiful carbon fiber patterns. The Sarto frame, Campagnolo components and ENVE finishing parts that perfect balance of aesthetics and performance!
Interesting and ironically, on the drive out to the river trail for my bikes debut ride, U2’s “Beautiful Day” played on the radio! Mark led the ride and pointed out potential danger so I could concentrate on getting used to my new ride. Immediately I noticed the lightness of the bike, its responsiveness and agility.
I am beyond satisfied with my bike and the service and attention Mark gave to it and me! He is a perfectionist, meticulous about getting everything right and I highly recommend him and his services if you are thinking of investing in a high-quality bike that surely is an art form.
  • Testimonial from: Kathryn M
  • Bike: Sarto Ultra Forte
  • Product or service: Custom Bicycle