ENVE Report

One of the launching points for what is now called OCS (Optimized Cycling Solutions) was when a fellow teammate on the Bicycle Planet racing team, and good friend, Andreas, asked Mark to build him a set of racing wheels.  

EDGE Composites (now called ENVE) was beginning to emerge as one of the premier carbon fiber rim manufacturers in the bicycle sector. Mark and Andreas discussed his needs and where these wheels would fit into his existing quiver of nearly ten sets of wheels.

The decided on the 65mm tall tubular version utilizing 20 holes at the front and 24 at the rear, laced to Alchemy hubs with Sapim CX-Ray spokes.

When Mark began to lace the wheels he encountered carbon fiber that was covering the spoke holes. Mind you, these rims were 65 mm deep, and it was extremely awkward to either lace the wheel or even view the problem. 

This is really where the amalgamation of Mark’s many years’ experience as a bicycle mechanic and wheel builder, combined with his 15 years’ experience in the tech sector, and supported by his long passion for photography, began to bear fruit.

OCS Project - ENVE Raw Image
He developed a method for photographing the inside of the rim capturing images with an astonishing level of detail for every single spoke hole on both rims. He then serialized them and created a PowerPoint presentation that helped ENVE to determine root cause.

This was done as an act of good faith and Mark was never paid for the report. However, the development team at ENVE was able to act upon this input and modify their production techniques to virtually eliminate the issue. 

According to the company founder, he and their engineering team had that report up on the wall for 2 months at their headquarters in Ogden, UT. We at OCS applaud ENVE for proactively applying feedback that was presented in a meaningful fashion and is a perfect example of why we do it.


The Before and After photos speak for themselves.

In the end, Mark was able to successfully build the wheels which ended up with exceptionally uniform spoke tension and straightness (true).

Andreas ended up winning the San Ardo road race on those wheels that season (2010).
He forced the pace early on, putting the pack under pressure, and ended up soloing to victory. 
The service of tracking spoke tension and run out measurements over the life of the wheels now included with all custom hand built OCS Wheels
In this case the OCS data-driven approach benefited both the client and the supplier. It also benefits our company by increasing our knowledge sets and capabilities.

In all subsequent ENVE wheels built since, none have that original issue, a tribute to the OCS approach.

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